Daddy BONK

The Father Figure Of Web3

We're a decentralized Solana community dedicated to transforming the Solana ecosystem from a competitive Player vs. Player arena to a collaborative Player Pump Player space.

The Daddy BONK Voters Edition

Digitial Collectibles Are here!


You can now mint as many of these beautiful, cutting-edge, limited edition Digital Collectibles as you want for 0.07 SOL (plus gas fees) each until our limited supply of 10K is 100% minted!


Mint Today

All NFT Holders have a seat in the Daddy BONK Voting Hall where their voice will be heard and their vote counted in community decisions.

NanoRes Studios is building a series of interactive "Challenge To Earn" games, along with a Mobile-Friendly 3D ARPG, that will bring additional benefits to our NFT holders and utilize our DBONK coin to grow a truly decentralized, player owned virtual economy within the mobile games.



Our digital assets and Web3 experiences leverage Solana's cutting-edge blockchain technology to provide fast, cost-effective user experience that connects our community with millions of users.